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by | Mar 6, 2017 | Blogs

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We have some exciting news! As of March 6th, Truebrew Outfitters is undergoing a name change to Tradecraft Outfitters.

As we’ve continued to grow our leadership position in coffee and tea experiences around the country, we’ve found confusion in the marketplace with several other service providers around the name Truebrew (both inside and outside our industry). As a strategic move to underscore and secure the value we provide to our partners, we’ve selected a name that reflects the vision and direction of the company— Tradecraft Outfitters. We believe this name change positions us to tell a better story around origin and our care for the “craft”, from farm to cup.

While our name has changed, our mission has not.  Still constant, is our dedication to helping our business partners grow and adapt to the rapidly changing marketplace.  A commitment to craft is behind our mission to create transformational craft coffee and tea experiences for our customers and partners. We have a handful of soon-to-be-announced innovations this year that will break new ground in our customers’ desire for competitive advantage.

These are extremely exciting times in our industry and in our company, and I’m thrilled about the future.  Continued thanks and gratitude for your friendship and partnership on this journey.



Michael Klong CEO Tradecraft Outfitters

Christa Thomas


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