Office coffee is more than just a caffeine boost

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Coffee Education, News

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63% of American adults drink coffee daily. The way they think about their coffee is changing.

The National Coffee Association’s Coffee Drinking Trends 2018 report shows that 57% of workers are not very satisfied with their office coffee space. As the workforce skews younger, the lukewarm pot of freeze dried coffee is rapidly becoming a relic, pushed aside in favor of an experience more vibrant and meaningful than a can could provide.  Younger workers have come of age with a view of coffee sharply in contrast with that of their parents, considering it not as a commodity but as a craft, not just fuel for the day but a social experience and connection to a larger community.

For these coffee drinkers, even the format of coffee has changed dramatically, ranging from unadulterated pour overs of single origin coffee to flavored espresso drinks to nitro cold brews.  The variety and innovation provided by the cafe experience is one they don’t feel they can reasonably get at home.  And these workers are willing to put in the legwork for the quality they value.  Coffee drinkers under 35 are nearly one third more likely to buy their coffee from a cafe than to make it at it home.

Or at the office.

Office coffee hasn’t been immune from these changing expectations, and younger workers are beginning to see craft coffee as one of the perks of the job.  Employers like Google and Goldman Sachs are taking notice of this and striving to meet their employees’ expectations with in-house options to keep their teams productive.  With the average daily coffee drinker taking down three cups a day, taking that burden off their wallets is a cost effective way to keep your team feeling appreciated.

The perks of a craft office coffee space don’t stop with just a satisfied team.  Research by the University of California Davis Graduate School of Management has found that quality coffee program can fuel your team’s productivity and camaraderie, leading to a happier, healthier workplace.  It’s no secret that caffeine keeps people alert and focused, increasing output and decreasing mistakes, but coffee breaks with co-workers fosters a creative and collegial atmosphere, decreasing the need for those trips to the local cafe to refresh which can cost $1500 annually in lost work time per coffee drinking employee.  In-house solutions make financial sense for everyone involved.

And, as further encouragement, just remember that 52% of coffee drinkers would rather skip their morning shower than give up their cup, so keep your office fresh with craft!

Christa Thomas


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