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by | May 30, 2017 | News

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We often hear this question: what is it that you guys do? And, without fail, our excitement to answer is unmet. For starters, we love the craft of great coffee and tea…from harvesting to the cup you have in front of you. And, we love the art of a truly great experience. Now more than ever, consumers are driven towards authentic experiences over products – and we believe a great experience is the core foundation of any brand to consumer relationship.

Now, let’s get to the facts. Tradecraft Outfitters is a one-stop solution providing craft coffee and tea with the equipment, training, service, and accessories needed to deliver the best possible product experience. Our client base is diverse and complex – restaurants, hotels, offices, cafes, specialty grocers, and coffee and tea lovers everywhere – and we offer each and every one a direct connection to the best roasters and suppliers across the globe. It’s not just about coffee and tea, but also about every other detail that goes into delivering an outstanding and compelling coffee and tea program.

In today’s world, it takes a lot to create a truly unique, authentic, and transformative experience. Recognizing this, we’ve established eight truths that we not only believe as a culture, but also deliver on in every working relationship we have.

Truth #1: Our success depends on the relationships we’ve built with our roasters and tea suppliers and our portfolio represents the best in the country. We want everyone to experience our passion for truly exceptional coffees and teas, so we care for our products in the way that makes our partners proud. We’re excited to be a part of bringing craft to coffee and tea lovers everywhere, every day.

Truth #2: We’re pretty much obsessed with coffee & tea and it drives us to always look for what’s coming next and what’s best.

Truth #3: World class brews take world class training and services. We give each customer a custom, cutting-edge brewing set-up perfectly matched to their program’s specific needs. Our classes teach people everything they need to know to get to work by focusing on the “why’s” and “how’s” and not just the “what” of great brews.

Truth #4: We strive to make every moment our customers’ work with us simple. We’re confident that we can make craft work at scale, but our work only really matters if we make life easier for our customers. Operational ease begins with our ability to quickly design and implement new programs. It’s deepened through our skill at becoming your single point of contact for craft—seamlessly managing necessary vendor, equipment and maintenance relationships for you.

Truth #5: Our roasters and tea partners are the best at what they do: creating great coffees and teas. We believe we’re the best at what we do: making it easy for our customers to bring craft coffee and tea to their guests.

Truth #6: We believe in great coffee and tea and treat them with respect. It’s a privilege to be a part of this global community and we support it through sustainability, fair labor and fair wage practices. We work every day to build great coffee and tea communities at every scale—from local cafes to national restaurant brands to our national network of roasting and tea partners.

Truth #7: We pride ourselves on our ability to execute. We do everything we can to get customers’ coffee and tea programs buzzing and we work 24/7 to keep it that way. We set the standards of care for the world’s most advanced brewing technology with our commitment to quality control, preventative maintenance, installation and 24/7 service.

Truth #8: Above everything else, we believe in the transformational power that great coffee and tea offers to our customers and their businesses. We’ve created everything from full cafe experiences to custom-designed barista carts for businesses on the go. The real key to what we do isn’t in the builds or the equipment or the product itself—it’s in our ability to use our industry experience and vision to collaborate with our customers and drive real results.

We eat, sleep, and breathe coffee and tea – and we are energized by bringing the best in hospitality experiences and services to each and every one of our clients.

Christa Thomas


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