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Barista Training Course

At Tradecraft, our commitment to providing extraordinary coffee and tea is echoed in our commitment to training and education. We are proud of our proprietary curriculum, and we invite our customers to take advantage of all that these tools have to offer.

Espresso & milk fundamental

Build a core of barista fundamentals. Learn the basics of dialing in your espresso, steaming milk, and building basic espresso beverages.

Advanced espresso

Delve deeper into the art of espresso with advanced theory. Practice dialing in your coffee by parameters, as well as by taste to pull the most delicious shots possible. 

Prerequisite: Espresso & Milk Fundamentals

Milk Science & Latte art

Perfect your steaming skills with this milk focused class. Learn more about the science of steaming and how beautiful milk makes beautiful lattes. Learn more advanced latte art techniques and enjoy guided hands on practice time

Prerequisite: Espresso & Milk Fundamentals

Brewing fundamentals

Learn about the science of brewing, and how to prepare delicious coffee with many different brewing methods.

Seed To Cup

Follow the production of coffee from the plant at origin, all the way to your cup. Learn about where coffee comes from, and what makes specialty coffee special!

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Meet the Education Team

Iaisha Munnerlyn


Iaisha Munnerlyn has worked in the coffee industry for the last 10 years navigating different roles, some including barista, trainer, and cafe management positions. She has contributed her skills and passion volunteering for organizations fostered to assist individuals also trying to navigate the industry. When she’s not on the clock she is running her passion project, MoodTea: tea experience company promoting the importance of self-care and mental health resources.

Jeff Batchelder


Jeff Batchelder first began working as a barista in 2001 but took a deep dive into the world of specialty coffee in 2008 and hasn’t looked back since. Having worked as an educator for two of the most influential craft coffee roasters – Intelligentsia Coffee Co. and Counter Culture Coffee – he’s worked alongside world-class baristas and green coffee buyers, while also having the opportunity to train hundreds of baristas over the years. Equipped with a finely tuned palate and a calm demeanor, Jeff helps baristas improve their skills by assessing where they are and helping them discover avenues to level up their skillsets. When not tasting coffee, he likes to camp, hike, or grab a drink with friends–but he also appreciates a nice, quiet evening in his home in Denver

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