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Supported by marketing, training, and equipment, a full-solutions coffee experience elevates your business for your team and clients.

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Coffee shouldn’t be boring. Your business deserves more than that. Consumers want to have options and to support local brands. With our wide selection of specialty coffee, tea, cold brew, and kombucha, we can create a unique experience that’s anything but boring.


Limitless options to mix and match.

Building experiences to gather around.

Our marketing, training, and equipment support come together to create beautiful spaces for your customers and associates to gather, collaborate, brainstorm, and break free from boring breakrooms.

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Thought Leadership

Sustainability on the Rise: Independence Coffee Company’s Impact on Office Coffee Culture

The Rise of Sustainable Coffee in Office Breakrooms: Over the past decade, there has been a surge in demand for sustainably sourced and ethically produced coffee in office breakrooms, where employees and employers are prioritizing not only the taste and quality of...

Hot Tea: What to Drink and When

You might be skeptical of the statement, “the secret to a long life is hot tea,” and reasonably so. But, as it turns out, there’s valid reason to hop on this bandwagon! Many scientific studies have proven that hot tea in its many varieties has an expansive list of...

The (Alternative) Milky Way: Exploring 7 Plant Milk Options

In recent years, the quest for healthier and environmentally friendly choices has led to a surge in the popularity of alternative milk options. These plant-based milk alternatives offer a wide range of flavors, nutritional benefits, and eco-conscious advantages that...

Brewing Positive Change: Embracing Community, Sustainability, and Social Impact in Coffee and Tea

At Tradecraft's core, we are passionate about incredible coffee and tea, and we treat these products with genuine respect. Being part of a global community is an absolute privilege, and we wholeheartedly support it through sustainable practices, fair labor, and fair...

Fueling Productivity, Wellness, and Sustainability: The Power of Coffee and Tea at Universities

In today's fast-paced academic environment, students and teaching staff alike are constantly seeking ways to enhance their productivity, well-being, and environmental consciousness. It's no surprise that coffee and tea play pivotal roles in this pursuit. In this blog...

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