New Year Reset – Cleaning Your Machine

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Blogs, Service + Equipment

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Roasted coffee contains oil, part of which helps makes the delicious crema that goes on top of an Espresso. During grinding and brewing, these oils can accumulate on espresso machines and grinders. The darker a coffee is roasted, the more oily the beans are.

Without cleaning the following could happen:

  1. Sticky bean hoppers will impede coffee beans from flowing smoothing into the grinder.
  2. Dirty machines can leech these oils into the coffee as it’s brewing and spoil the taste of the beverage.
  3. Screens on brew units, portafilters, or even mocha pots will become clogged and the machine will struggle to produce a coffee, or the coffee will flow out slower than intended.

Avoid letting these oils accumulate on the machine’s internal parts, as they can cause corrosion. Regular cleaning will allow your machine to last longer and help it to produce the best coffee it can.

Most coffee machines have a rinse button on them. It is always a good idea to rinse after you make a drink. 

For most commercial espresso machines, daily cleaning with an espresso machine cleaner is necessary. After running a cleaning cycle with a cleaner, always make sure you run part or an additional cleaning cycle with just water to clear out any residue. Valves can get clogged with cleaning product and prevent the machine from working correctly. 

Remember, a little goes a long way!

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